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Advanced Oxidation Processes Technology for Waste Water Treatment

The use of Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) Technology for wastewater treatment. AOPs is a choice when we have problems treating non biodegradable compound and toxic wastewater  that cannot be removed by biological treatment. AOPs works which utilize radical (OH) a highly reactive oxidant that has ability to destroy most pollutants in waste water. (OH) generated from combination of oxidants  O3, H2O2 and UV. Mechanism of Reaction : O3/H2O2   +   UV →  3 (OH) then the (OH) as a srong oxidator will destroy most of pollutants in waster water and the effluent form will remain H2O + CO2. We have successfully installed this unit for several clients and so far bringing a good result to overcome waste water problems that previously can not be resolved by an ordinary biological treatment. If you have any queries or need more information please contact the sales & marketing dept of PT ZEFA VALINDO JAYA  Phone: +6221 8873531 or send your inquiry by email t